Welcome from Principal Dodge

It is an honor to be the principal of St. Ambrose Catholic School! My twelve years of experience in both the Archdiocese of Miami as well as the public schools, combined with my degrees and specialties, serve me well in this challenging position of leading our school into the 21st century.

I have earned a Bachelors of Science Degree and a Master Degree in Elementary Education from Nova University, in addition to a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from Barry University.  My administrative experience includes more than twenty years as a law enforcement officer, elevating to the rank of police chief.  I am also a product of Catholic school, as I attended Holy Family Catholic School in North Miami, and graduated from Madonna Academy.

       Catholic education centers on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in the formal educational settings that promote the necessary skills, knowledge, and values to become productive and successful members of society.  St Ambrose School recognizes that each child is created by God and every child's possess special gifts and needs which must be addressed in their learning process.

       As we embark on this adventure together, there are certain goals that I have in mind to lead us on the path to success which stems from the educators who are teaching your children. It is my goal to foster a team of professional educators who embraces Christian values and a team who is dedicated to Catholic education; a team of professionals who is committed to lifelong learning and self development; a team who encourages parental involvement in their child's education, and all within a Christ centered environment.  It is my belief that education is a lifelong process, and I am excited to work with a team who is up for the challenges that are presented! Security is an important part of St. Ambrose, and I am working on having our school be a safe environment for the children.


Principal, Mrs. Dodge, pictured left, attending her daughter's high school graduation in 2013.