Accelerated Reader

What are STAR Math and STAR Reading? These are assessment tools that allow the teacher to objectively assess and monitor a student’s progress throughout the years that will supplement the Iowa Standardized Tests administered in each March. At the beginning of the school year, students will participate in these online assessments in both Math and Reading. With each question the student answers correctly, the following question increases in difficulty in order to provide the teacher with an adequate feedback on the student’s individual ability. The teacher will then set the goals for the students in each subject for the year. STAR Reading will provide the teacher, student, and parents with the reading level the student should be seeking in order to fulfill their Accelerated Reader requirements.


What is Accelerated Reader? This is an online assessment tool that quizzes your students on the books that they are not only reading in the classroom, but also what they are reading at home. Each semester the student is assigned a certain goal of points that they earn by reading books. The student and their family can look up the point value of any book online from their home computer to find the value of that book. The family can also view the quizzes their student has taken and how close to their goal they have come. Accelerated Reader boasts more than 140,000 quizzes on books for the students to choose from, which broadens the selection of books the student can chose to read! Get started today and visit to see how many points your current book can earn you!