2016-2017 Uniform Policy

2016-2017 School Uniform Policy
Posted on 08/08/2016
Uniform Shoes

Uniform/Dress Code

The wearing of the official uniform of St. Ambrose School is obligatory.   STRICT ADHERENCE TO THIS POLICY WILL BE MAINTAINED.



Pre-K - Plaid pull on shorts with red knit shirt embroidered with St. Ambrose or navy plaid dress.  P.E. Uniforms

K – 1 – Plaid pleated skort with red or navy knit shirt embroidered with St. Ambrose or navy plaid dress.

2 –4 - Plaid pleated skort with red or navy knit shirt embroidered with St. Ambrose.

5 – 8 - Khaki flat-front monogrammed slacks with red or blue knit shirt embroidered with St. Ambrose and brown belt.

            No make-up, lip gloss, bright-colored nail polish (only light-colored or clear), artificial nails, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, colored or heavy gaudy jewelry or current fads are permitted.  No body ornamentation (piercing/tattoos) is allowed.  Only 1 set of tiny pierced earrings located on the lower ear lobe is permitted for girls. No dangling or hoop earrings.  Beads and any other gaudy hair ornaments are not permitted.  Natural hair colors only – no streaking, braiding, or hair extensions. Necklace – one small gold or silver chain with appropriate charm (religious preferred), one ring, one bracelet and one wristwatch.  No ankle bracelets will be permitted.  No writing on hands arms or tattoos.



Pre-K – Khaki pull on shorts with navy knit shirt screen-printed with St. Ambrose.  P.E. Uniforms

K – 1 - Khaki pull on shorts with red or navy knit shirt screen-printed with St. Ambrose. 

2 – 4 - Khaki pleated monogrammed shorts with red or navy knit shirt embroidered with St. Ambrose. Brown belt must be worn.

5– 8 - Khaki flat-front or pleated monogrammed pants with navy blue or red knit shirt embroidered with St. Ambrose. Red or blue short sleeve knit shirt for grade 8 on designated days. Pants must be worn at the waist with a brown belt.  Pants cannot be baggy or worn low around the hips and cannot sag around the ankles.  Students may not cut slits in the side seams or remove the hem of their uniform pants.  Belt must be visible at all times. All shirts must be tucked in at all times.


HAIR STYLE – Hair may not extend beyond the shirt collar, nor may it cover the eyes or ears.  Spiked hair, designs, or extreme styles of any kind are not permitted.  No lines, initials, buzzed/shaved styles, unusual designs, tails, or current fads are permitted. Shaved hair styles are to be no lower than#3; NO cuts of #2 or #1 will be permitted.  Hair is to be one length all around—no fades, no poufy hair.  Natural hair only- No staining, streaking or bleaching of any kind is allowed. Facial hair or body ornamentation of any kind is forbidden.  Earrings are not permitted.  Only one small religious or plain gold/silver neck chain, bracelet, one ring, and one wristwatch are allowed. No writing on hands arms or tattoos.



PK3 & PK4 – Sneakers with Velcro. No light-up, brightly colored, or character shoes.

Grades K-2 - Sketcher type black tied shoe.  This applies to both boys and girls.

Grades 3-8- see the School website, www.stambrosecs.org, for more information on the specifics.



No jackets other than regulation St. Ambrose school jackets may be worn at any time. Only plain, navy blue or gray sweatshirts may be worn during the winter months. NO DESIGNS ON THE SWEATSHIRTS.

All outerwear must conform to dress code regulations. NOTHING ELSE will be permitted.  Hats may not be worn in the school building.



All school uniforms must be purchased at: PK and PE uniforms are purchased at the school

Jonathan Reed

41 NW 20th Street #H6

Boca Raton, FL 33431





PE T-shirt:       Navy with screen print

PE shorts:        Navy double mesh

Sneakers with no designs or lights are permitted.

Girls with long hair must tie it back.  

All grades will wear their PE uniforms to school on PE days. 



Out-of-uniform days are meant to be a pleasant break for everyone (students, staff, faculty and administration) while still maintaining a safe environment that is conducive to learning.  In order to meet these criteria we will be strictly enforcing the following dress code:


SHIRTS Must be in good taste, shirts promoting violence, alcohol, and/or tobacco are never   appropriate at school.  Shirts must have a cap sleeve.  Tank, midriff tops, halter tops or sleeveless (for boys) are not permitted.

SHOES   No sandals/open toed is permitted.  No beach type footwear of any kind is permitted.

SNEAKERS if worn must be clean.

SHORTS: No bicycle shorts, boxer shorts, athletic shorts or any shorts that expose thigh area are permitted (no shorter than 4 inches above the knee).  Only walking shorts will be allowed.  No tights allowed under shorts.

SKIRT/DRESSES:  No shorter than 4 inches above the knee, no open sides above the knee.

PANTS & JEANS Pants must remain above the hipbones. No Saggy pants No ripped or torn pants/jeans.


            The usual school policy is in effect.

PreK uniforms are sold at the school.
Belts can be brown or black. 
Socks are to be white with no design.


Shoes are not available for purchase with the uniform company. Please see the list below for the requirements for each grade level. 

Please note: There is a specific style of shoe for students in grades 3-8. You MUST buy these styles, but you may purchase them from any provider you choose (Sketchers, Amazon, etc.).

Pre-K: Any Velcro sneaker, no laces, no light ups, no wheels, no high tops.

Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grades: Any black sneaker with Velcro straps instead of laces. NO LIGHT-UP SHOES or shoes with ANY color other than black.

Grades 3-8: Depends upon the student's shoe size, The STYLE m
ust be a tied shoe with a non marking sole. It can be a Sketcher type sneaker or any other totally black shoe, below are some links of shoes that are acceptable. The color for all of the shoes below is BLACK.  

Girl up to size 5, color: black
Girl size 5 and up, color: black
Boy up to size 5, color: black
Boy size 5 and up, color: black